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Composite Linear Bearings, Composite Linear Bearing Pillow Blocks, and Composite Linear Bearing Twin Pillow Blocks add composite surfaces to improve the functionality of LEE LINEAR®'s already versatile bearings.

Composite Linear Bearings

LEE LINEAR Composite Plain Bearings, self lubricating or ceramic linear/rotary bearing technology delivering high load capability (5000+ psi) coupled with low friction (0.09–0.12). Designed as an alternative for linear ball and roller bearings where high loads, washdown, shock/vibration, or contamination may be present. Self Lubricating bearings do not require lubrication and have a low coefficient of friction (0.09–0.12), while the ceramic bearing requires lubrication at a slightly lower coefficient of friction (0.04–0.08).

Product Ranges

  • Outside Diameters: 0.500–6.00"
  • Lengths: 0.750–8.00"
  • Retaining Hole Diameter: 0.094–0.275"

Composite Linear Bearing Pillow Blocks

Composite Linear Bearing Pillow Blocks were designed to have a relatively low coefficient of friction while maintaining structural integrity. Available in Self-Lubricating and Ceramic models, LEE LINEAR Composite Linear Bearing Pillow Blocks are resistant to high-impact and wear. Complete Linear Bearing Pillow Block units include bearing, grease fitting, retention pin, and seals; the exception is the Self-Lubricating model, which is not supplied with seals unless requested. Both Self-Lubricating and Ceramic Bearing Pillow Blocks are offered with and without self-alignment. This feature allows 1 degree misalignment from the centerline of the shaft. When proper alignment is difficult or self-alignment is desired, the feature allows for 2 degrees of misalignment.

Product Ranges

  • Shaft Diameters: 1/4–2"

Composite Linear Bearing Twin Pillow Blocks

Composite Linear Twin Bearing Pillow Blocks from LEE LINEAR are for applications that are double the dynamic load carried by a regular composite pillow block. Composite construction is ideal for contaminate-filled and wash-down environments. Available in Ceramic and Self-Lubricating styles, LEE LINEAR's Composite Linear Bearing Twin Pillow Blocks are offered as:

Double Length Bearing Pillow Blocks

Both open and closed Double Length Pillow Blocks can be interchanged with standard Twin Linear Ball Bearing Pillow Blocks and Twin LEE LINEAR Roller Bearing Pillow Blocks. Ceramic Double Length Pillow Blocks are supplied with a grease fitting and seals, while Self-Lubricating Double Length Pillow Blocks are only supplied with seals when specified.

Product Range

  • Working Bore: 0.2505–2.0012"

Composite Flange Blocks

LEE LINEAR's Composite Flange Blocks provide trouble-free performance in harsh environments. Another advantage is they are dimensionally interchangeable with standard ball bearing flange blocks. Both the Ceramic and Self-Lubricating styles are available with a self-alignment option and with seals if requested.

Product Range

  • Shaft Diameter: 1/2–1"

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