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Support rails and guides from LEE LINEAR®, a premiere manufacturer of linear motion components, include Shaft Support Rails "SR", Low Shaft Support Rails "LSR", and Low Support Guides "LSG".

Shaft Support Rails "SR"

Shaft Support Rails "SR" are made from 6061-T6 extruded aluminum with added close tolerance machining to provide superior support for precision shafting. The "SR" is extruded with a notch along the base surface to improve the characteristics of the rail, reduce warp and twist and the need for counter-bored holes in the base. Shaft support rails are available in 24 and 48 inch with standard length tolerance of +0/-1/8 inch, with cutting and/or additional machining available. Precision machined Shaft Support Rails are manufactured with an index side for alignment purposes. The LEE LINEAR Shaft Support Rail "SR" is offered in intermittent supports "SRI 1" or "SRI 2" for light load applications. Shaft Support Rails "SR-PD" have a standard pre-drilled hole pattern. All are in stock and ready for immediate delivery!

Product Ranges

  • Shaft Diameter: 1/2–3"
  • Weight per 24": 1,200–14,300 lbs.

Low Shaft Support Rails "LSR"

Low Shaft Support Rails “LSR” are designed with a 40% lower profile for compact linear motion systems. Made with AISI C1018 steel and available in standard lengths of 48 inch +0/1/8 inch, Low Shaft Support Rails are also available in other lengths. Low Shaft Supports “LSR-PD” have a standard pre-drilled hole pattern, and are available as intermittent supports “LSRI 1” and “LSRI 2”. Additional machining is available.

Product Ranges

  • Shaft Diameter: 1/2–3"
  • Weight per 48": 1,320–27,920 lbs.

Low Support Guides "LSG"

The LEE LINEAR "LSG" Low Support Guide consists of a 60 Plus® or 440C shaft with a (LSR) low support rail which provides a low profile. This guide is made to work with plain bearings and some linear ball bearings and will improve the life of a "normal" shaft. When a surface becomes worn, rotate the shaft 180° to provide a fresh surface for the bearing. The "LSG" guide is sold in a two piece set, rail and shaft, and can be bolted down to a mounting surface.

Product Ranges

  • Shaft Diameter: 5/8–2"
  • Weight per inch: 0.132–1.119 lbs.

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