FLAC (Inch) Self Aligning Compensated Linear Plain Bearing

FLAC (Inch) Closed Self-Aligning Compensated Linear Plain Bearing

Red anodized aluminum shell identifies the inch series, which is available in off-the-shelf industry standard sizes and interchangeable with linear ball bearings and some bronze bushings. Closed type of linear plain bearing is ideal for handling loads in all directions, and offers a number of mounting options. Compensated (FLAC) performs like a standard ball bearing.

  • Additional clearance is built into the I.D., and all other dimensions are the same as the precision bearings
  • Ideally suited for parallel shaft applications

Self-aligning O.D. Specifications

  • Has a crown on the O.D. allowing the bearing to re-align itself in binding situations
  • Specifically designed to easily retrofit straight bore housings
  • The bearing will allow 1/2° of misalignment capability from centerline (1° overall)
  • O-rings are used on either side of the crown to cushion and eliminate clatter in operation