SR (Inch) LEE Linear Aluminum Support Rail

SR (Inch) Linear Aluminum Support Rail

For effective, low-cost continuous or intermittent support, the extruded aluminum support rails are available in a full range of sizes to accommodate shafts up to 3″ diameter. These rails can be supplied with or without mounting holes, and can be used vertically or horizontally to provide optimum rigidity. Available in standard lengths of 24″ and 48″ + 0″, – 1/8″. These support rails have been designed with a notch along the bottom. This notch allows for even cooling during the extrusion process, which decreases warp and twist in the final product. Not only does this notch improve quality, it also decreases the shaft support cost by eliminating the machining of the bottom counterbored holes. Cutting is available on all sizes.

  • Undrilled aluminum support rail in inch sizes from ½” thru 3”
  • Full-length support rails offer rigid, continuous support for higher loads
  • Eliminates binding due to shaft deflection or sag