CCM-CCDML (Metric) Ceramic Coated Linear Shafting

ISO Metric Ceramic Coated Shafting is designed to be used with FrelonGOLD® lined bearings and pillow blocks.  Ideal for use in contaminated applications, the metric ceramic coated aluminum shafting offers excellent corrosion resistance and is resistant to vibration. The availability of solid round or pre-drilled versions offers the designer flexibility. The pre-drilled metric ceramic coated shafting can be mated to aluminum predrilled support rail for fully supported applications to handle heavy loads. Custom end machining is also an option.

  • Solid round shafting (CCM) is available in metric sizes from 6mm thru 50 mm, up to a maximum length of 3658 mm
  • Pre-drilled (CCMDL) is available in sizes from 8 mm thru 50 mm, up to a maximum length of 3658 mm
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes offer an interchangeable alternative to standard predrilled shafting
  • Aluminum alloy base material offers weight savings over steel
  • Ceramic-like coating provides hardness up to RC70 and increased corrosion resistance
  • Optimized for FrelonGOLD® liners
  • NOT to be used with linear ball bearings
  • Weld splatter, paints, and other contaminants will not stick
  • Non-magnetic and vibration resistant
  • Standard cut to customer-specified length tolerances of:
    • 4 mm – 30 mm shaft = ± 0.8 mm
    • 40 mm – 50 mm shaft = ± 1.6 mm
    • 60 mm – 80 mm shaft = ± 3.2 mm

For lengths not listed below, pre-drilled options, and custom machined ends, go to the configurator tab.