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We want to hear about your successful application using one or more of our linear motion products! Right now, businesses across North America are using LEE Linear to upscale their applications and manufacturing processes. Do you have a real-world success story involving one of our products that you would like to share?

Submit your entry and receive up to $500 in award money, future purchase discount, or an equivalent charitable donation of your choice*.

In addition, our application story will allow your customer base to further understand how you are implementing innovative technologies into your linear motion systems, as well as bringing valuable solutions to market. Through email and social media outreach, the application story will simultaneously help us promote each of our products and services, and give the community a glimpse into our industry solutions.

Creating an application story is easy! Simply complete our brief questionnaire detailing your challenges and solutions and we will follow up to confirm or request any additional details (A valid submission must include all completed fields in the form below, and at least one image). The more information and imagery that you can offer, the bigger the prize or donation to your charity we can give in return!

*Your future purchase discount can be redeemed by contacting a PBC Linear Sales representative and is not valid through an online purchase. Any charity receiving a donation from LEE Linear must be a tax-exempt organization and operate exclusively for charitable purposes in accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This organization must be identifiable through the online IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search Tool.
Submit and Receive up to $500

Share your Application Story with LEE Linear and receive up to $500!